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About S.G.J.K.A.KWF India

Shotokan Global Japan Karate Academy (KWF India) also referred as KWF India is a direct affiliated to the Karatenomichi World Federation - Japan and formed in India at 22nd August, 2012 with its headquarters in the Financial Capital of the nation - Mumbai.

It is presided and run by a senior instructor Sensai Sitaram Chavan, JKA and now KWF instructor of India who have learned and practiced the art of Shotokan Karate for about 25 years.

The reason behind being a direct affiliate of KWF in India is the inspiration from the Budo karate of Shihan Mikio Yahara, the Chief Instructor of the Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF) an 8th Dan Black Belt.

Shotokan Global Japan Karate Academy (S.G.J.K.A.KWF India) is affiliated to the Maharashtra Karate Association (M.K.A) in the state of Maharashtra and to the All India Karate - Do Federation (A.I.K.F) in the Union of India.

Shotokan Global Japan Karate Academy (KWF) has a team of qualified Instructors, Tournament Referees and Karate examiners graded directly by the KWF Lapanese Head Quarter Instructors.

Mission: To open up individual State & District Karate Hombu's (headquarters) in India with full time professional KWF Karate Training available for the Indian Masses.

Vision: To spread the teachings of KWF Karate as a way of Self Development in school, colleges, corporate bodies, government and semi government agencies.

Why we started Karate Academy...?

  • Karate is an empty hand art of self defense. It also gives the benefit of Physical fitness in all respects and self development. It also helps
  • students mentally by way of meditation. It gives self confidence to the students and they became more active and sharp. It runs laziness and make the students more active not only physically but also mentally.
  • The students who have taken karate training under me have achieved lot of medals in state, national, international competition of my students won Third place in Japan 2004 and one my student won third place in safgame in Sri Lanka 2006.

    Purpose of the S.G.J.K.A.KWF India

    The purpose of this Academy is return to original principles of the Indian traditional martial art of karate to provide a place where the technical skills and the true sprit of karate can develop to build friendly relationships globally

    S.G.J.K.A.KWF India will do conduct the following objects:
    1. To educate the public in the knowledge of the art and science of karate do and to train the mind and body to create a disciplined society.
    2. To hold international camps and to develop the skills of instructors.
    3. To develop and support groups related to the association of the S.G.J.K.A.KWF India.
    4. To organize and mange S.G.J.K.A.KWF India tournaments.
    5. To select members for international tournaments.
    6. To establish rules governing technical skills and tournaments rules.
    7. To set up all equipments used at the S.G.J.K.A.KWF India.
    8. To issue and control documentation concerning our association.
    9. All other activities to achieve the goals of our business.
    10. To approve and make members (bodies) registered of karate do or till such time as such instructor authorized to conduct classes in karate do from an international body recognized by the W.K.F and or approved by the technical council of the Association can apply for membership of this Association ie S.G.J.K.A.KWF India.



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